Grant Guidelines



• Application forms will be distributed to qualifying organizations upon receipt of written request. The request must be on the current letterhead of the requesting organization. Requests for application forms for the 2016 funding cycle must be submitted no later than March 4, 2016.

• The request for an application form must state that the requesting organization is 501 (c) 3.

• Include your email address with the request.

• Only application forms designated for 2016 will be accepted.

The address for the Honorable Order is 1717 Alliant, Ave. Ste. 14 / Louisville, KY 40299


• Applicant’s service(s) to be funded by the Honorable Order must be primarily directed to citizens of Kentucky.

• Applicant’s service(s) must conform to one of the following categories:

– Arts and Culture
– Charitable organizations serving the handicapped and/or truly needy
– Preservation of documents, history and environment
– Educational organizations or programs*
– Humane societies
– Senior citizen services
– Day care services
– Life enrichment services
– Scouting & Youth Programs

• Applicant must document status as 501 (c) 3


As a general rule, requests for funding from the Honorable Order should be for projects that will directly benefit as many of the clients you serve as possible.  To guide you in preparing your request here is a listing of items we do not consider eligible for funding.

  • Advertising
  • Computers for office use (see  explanation under Limitations)
  • Facility rental
  • General office supplies (paper, pens, toner, etc.)
  • Individual schools / Universities or programs directed to individual schools
  • College / University outreach programs
  • Convention / meeting registration fees
  • Operational software such as Microsoft Office (NOTE: non-profit organizations can purchase this software at drastically reduced prices. Visit the Microsoft web site for details).
  • Overhead expenses such as rent, telephone, electricity.
  • Salaries (see explanation under Limitations)
  • Academic Scholarships (see explanation under limitations)
  • Service agreements and extended warranties
  • Speaker / presenter  fees
  • Staff training (see explanation under Limitations)
  • Travel expenses and lodging
  • Vehicle expenses (licensing, gas, insurance, etc.)
  • Web site development / maintenance


  • Completed application forms must be delivered to Kentucky Colonels Headquarters or be postmarked by March 18, 2016.
  • Applicant must provide PAGE ONE of the latest FORM 990 Filed with the IRS.
  • The Honorable Order does not fund “umbrella” agencies (i.e., Organizations that conduct fund raising for the purpose of distributing such funds to other organizations. The applicant must be the end user.)


  • Grant funds may not be used for salaries*, operational or administrative expenses.  Items not eligible include insurance, utilities, rent, taxes, administrative computer equipment**, software***,  travel expenses, consultant fees, newsletters, web sites and advertising.

*In general terms, the salary limitation applies to your payroll.  In certain instances, the Honorable Order will fund fees or personnel costs related to a special project: i.e. an approved project relating to the testing of children for hearing impairment might necessitate “training” of your staff by an expert in the field.  Such fees would be eligible for consideration.

**If your request includes computer equipment, you must demonstrate how the equipment will be utilized by, or to the benefit of, clients you serve.  Computer equipment solely for use by your office will not be considered.  As a cost guideline, a desktop computer with 17 inch monitor should not exceed $700.

***Computer software for general office applications (such as word processing) will not be considered.  However, if the project involved, such as the above example related to hearing testing, requires special software then that software is eligible for consideration.

  • Grant funds may only be used for project(s)/item(s) specified by the Honorable Order in the original grant commitment letter.
  • The Honorable Order does not fund retroactively.  Projects or purchases that would be funded if the application is approved cannot be started or made until after written notice of approval has been extended by the Honorable Order.
  • Any excess amount authorized for a project may not be utilized for other purposes.
  • In general terms, funding is limited to items/projects that “can be seen, felt, or      touched”.


  • Should funds be awarded, documentation specific to the expenditure must be presented to the Honorable Order to claim grant monies (Invoice, Accepted Purchase Order, Contract, etc.)
  • A notarized accounting of expenditures must be made no later than December 31, 2016.
  • If the deadline for project completion can not be met, the recipient must request and receive an extension, in writing, from the Honorable Order if the funding commitment is to remain in effect.


Applications will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees and a decision on the application will be made on or about August 30, 2016.  Notification of awarding of grants will be made as soon as possible following the decision date.


The Honorable Order may find a project worthy but beyond the financial capabilities of the Order.  In such case, a commitment to provide partial funding on a matching basis may be issued.  The actual commitment of funds will be made upon receipt of a notarized statement that the additional dollars needed to complete the project have been secured.  A period of 5 calendar months will be granted for securing the additional funding.

VEHICLE FUNDING by the Honorable Order is, at most, on a dollar for dollar matching basis up to a maximum that might be committed by the Order of $15,000.  We reserve the right to make vehicle funding commitments at an even lesser matching amount.


  • Dollar amounts requested should be based on bids or competitive pricing.
  • Organizations with multiple offices or sub organizations are eligible for consideration only if none of the sub organizations have applied.
  • The Honorable Order has established “The Kentucky Colonels Better Life Scholarship Program” in support of students wishing to obtain post secondary  educational opportunities.  We are proud to be the sponsor of the “Kentucky Colonels 6th Grade  Academic Showcase” and several other educational programs.  Individual universities, colleges, schools and school systems offering general education programs are, in practical terms, not eligible for funding from the Honorable Order.
  • Grant recipients will be expected to  acknowledge the Honorable Order’s funding in any materials, promotional announcements, promotional items, etc. issued in conjunction with the  project(s) funded.